Tarot Musings: March 5, 2023

Tarot Musings: March 5, 2023

This reading is for you, my followers. I pulled two cards for today: Two of Wands and Three of Swords.

The figure depicted here is inside the castle — not on the land beyond. Safe and relatively secure, this person holds the world in his hand. About that version of the world: it is not the real world, which lies beyond the safety of the castle.

He is looking beyond and thinking of what is out there, possibilities, opportunities, and experiences that cannot be had while inside the castle.

Remember, Wands represent growth, expansion and development.

Have you been staying in a safe place but feeling a lack of contentment — wanting something more, wondering what could be for you “out there”?

If yes, this card is speaking to you.

Paired with this idea of being confined and wanting more, for today we have the Three of Swords, which often points to heartbreak and pain.

However, in this reading, the card does not mean simply betrayal, divorce or relationship rupture.

It points to the challenges that await beyond the safety of the castle.

In order to experience that greater life, or to enlarge or develop an area of your life, you have to get outside your safety or comfort zone.

You must also be prepared to make some mistakes, from which you will learn.

The Three of Swords is about the inevitable pain you will experience as you seek the benefits and development that you want.

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