Tarot Musings: March 6, 2022

Tarot Musings: March 6, 2022

This reading is for you, my followers. I pulled one card for today: Ace of Swords

How have you taken fresh action today?

In other words, what have you done today that you haven’t done before?

And why did you do that? What motivated you to do that?

Did you do this today in order to move toward something you want? Or did you do it to avoid something you don’t want, like embarrassment or punishment?

And if you can’t think of something new you did today, what can you still do to either avoid something painful or advance you toward something tou want?

It could be…
- Telling someone you love them — someone you haven’t said this to in a long time.
- Sending a note to two contacts of yours on LinkedIn who you haven’t communicated with in six months.
- Eating a smaller portion of food tonight at dinner, or not snacking after dinner this evening.
- Taking a 30-minute walk outside.

The point is to do something you haven’t done before or in a very long time, that will start you on a path of other beneficial actions — actions they are very likely to bring good things back to you.

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