Tarot Musings: May 16, 2022 -- Purpose

Tarot Musings: May 16, 2022 -- Purpose (Three of Pentacles, The Sun and Eight of Pentacles) 
Purpose and Passion. These are things indicated by these three cards. Very commonly, the Pentacles relate to worldly accomplishments. And the Three and Eight speak to putting your nose to the grindstone and achieving something, either through collaboration with others as in the three, or working independently, as in the eight.

And The Sun, well, it can represent your spark igniting into a flame.  

Sometimes we love to do something that will not reward us very well. Maybe you love to play golf, even though you aren't very good at it. You won't earn a living as a golf pro in a club or on the tournament circuit. But you'll still love it. Golf may be where your sun shines.
And it may be the same with something else you enjoy doing but cannot do well enough to make it a profession. Sewing. Cooking. Playing another sport. Speaking another language. Knitting. Playing bridge. Collecting something -- stamps, spoons or thimbles.

The thing about which you have passion may NOT be the thing that gives your life purpose, nor may it be the thing that enables you to earn a living. It may be a hobby, something you do because you enjoy it a great deal.

And that may be quite enough. Because if you follow your passion, the money may not follow. It's important to know where your purpose lies, and likewise, where your passions lie. They may not lie anywhere near each other.

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