Tarot Musings: May 16, 2023 -- Five of Cups and Six of Wands

Tarot Musings: May 16, 2023 -- Five of Cups and Six of Wands

This is a short “What should I be aware of today?” reading.

The Five of Cups is very different from the Six of Wands.
The basic meaning of one is sadness, focus on loss, and likely regret. The basic meaning of the other is happiness, focus on positive recognition, and celebration.

Also, Cups have to do with emotions and feelings, while Wands are concerned with growth and development.

What can be learned by a loss or something that stings?
If you receive some “constructive feedback” today that feels like plain old criticism, take a minute to see what you can learn from it.

You may want to react defensively, but try to separate the emotion, the feeling, from the objective things you’ve been told.

Try not to rush to defensiveness, but approach the criticism with a “what can I learn here?” attitude. It may make you feel very mature.

Here is another possibility: if these two cards feel like they might be especially relevant to you today, remember that both of them may not be about the same thing.

You may have something to feel regret or sadness about today. That feeling may be completely legitimate. also have something go extremely well, and give you real boost in your self-esteem and confidence.

Both things can be true on the same day.

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