Tarot Musings: May 19, 2023 -- Six of Pentacles

Tarot Musings: May 19, 2023 -- Six of Pentacles
For many of us, this reading comes on a Friday, and we are nearing the end of our work weeks. We are anticipating the weekend.
This indicates benevolence, charity and in a sense, a reward.
If you have been working very hard this week, you may be thinkingyou’re entitled to some rest and relaxation this weekend. That is certainly the case according to this card.
If you have been putting up with some challenging circumstances or events, and people have been making your life more difficult, as opposed to easier, then the benevolence of this card, and the goodwill that comes with it is going to be very welcome to you this weekend.
The other thing to be mindful of is: think about whether you might be the person who is receiving the benevolence.  Or might there be an opportunity for you to provide goodwill or do something good for someone else?

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