Tarot Musings: May 3, 2023 -- Four of Pentacles and The World

Tarot Musings: May 3, 2023 -- Four of Pentacles and The World
We have two opposing forces in the cards for today. The Four of Pentacles asks or reminds you to  hold onto what you have, cling to it, and don’t let it get away. (This attitude might make you wonder about the wind blowing that pentacle off the top of his hat — maybe it is held on with Super Glue.)
On the other hand, we have The World.  Explore your enormous and nearly limitless surroundings. Open yourself up to possibilities.
These two forces often tug at us. We may juggle the desire for risk and adventure with the desire for safety and security.
The trick is to take a calculated risk, if you are looking to bring something new into your life. “Don’t quit your job without having another one” is an example.
Changing your work but staying in the same organization is another way of controlling for part of the risk. So is changing your organization but staying in the same line of work.
If you aren’t sure what you can or should change, but you know you need to change something, Tarot can help.

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