Tarot Musings: November 22, 2022 — Three and Nine of Pentacles

Tarot Musings: November 22, 2022 — Three and Nine of Pentacles
I decided to shuffle the deck and draw two cards for the next few days — what may be a holiday period for many of us.
What came up?
The Nine of Pentacles and the Three of Pentacles.
Pentacles is a suit usually tied to work-related achievement, status, material possessions, and the gains associated with work or labor done for others.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that a work-focused pair of cards emerging from the deck when many of us are likely relaxing, spending time with family members, and distinctly "not working," is more than a little ironic.
The focus is on both aspects of this scenario — work and enjoyment of the fruits of one's labors.
These two cards give us a woman enjoying her garden, in front of the pentacles on the vines, as well as people actively working. So we have balance between the Pentacles of labor, effort, and the use of talents (Three) -- and the  Pentacles of relaxation and relative peace and quiet.
Where do you take a well-deserved break after putting in a lot of focused effort? How do you celebrate something accomplished?

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