Tarot Musings -- October 13, 2022 -- Six of Cups and Two of Swords

Tarot Musings -- October 13, 2022 -- Six of Cups and Two of Swords

Let's consider these two cards, relative to what is going on in the world now.

A woman buying a vase of plants or flowers from a vendor on a bright, sunny day. A blindfolded woman holding crossed swords in front of her, seated on a bench in front of a rocky sea.

One person is doing something pleasant, carrying on with life as normal. Another person is blind, either because she has been blindfolded by someone else, or she tied her blindfold herself. Is she willfully blind or has she been blinded against her will?

The stalemated, inactive approach of the Two of Swords very different from the conventional domesticity and commerce depicted in the Six of Cups.

There may be a tug of war happening between these two cards.

Which approach to take? "Wait and see -- when the blindfold has been removed and one CAN see" -- which is one way to interpret the stalemate depicted in the Two of Swords? Or "Business as usual”?

The person in the Six of Cups, applying the "business as usual" approach can be willfully ignoring things happening around her. In fact, in many ways, the person in the Six of Cups may in fact be just as willfully blind as the person in the Two of Swords.

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