Tarot Musings -- October 18, 2022 -- King of Cups and Seven of Wands

Tarot Musings -- October 18, 2022 -- King of Cups and Seven of Wands

I've drawn these two cards for today. These thoughts do not pertain to me, but to the broader society.

Thinking and feeling. The King of Cups is quite good at managing both his thoughts and his feelings -- he has what people call "high emotional intelligence."

Have you been thrown off balance by someone who "triggers" you to respond in a certain way? Is that way to respond always "the best" or has it always yielded the best results? Perhaps not.

Many of us desire to make a better impression on others or accomplish a specific outcome when someone is opposed to what we want to do.

How does this blend with the Seven of Wands? The Seven of Wands indicates the battle, the struggle, defending oneself or one's point of view in the face of opponents.

However, the good and the better is more likely to win, because of the good management of feelings and the smart thinking, as well as a genuine desire for a positive outcome.

Can we be confident that the "good will prevail"? No, we can't. That's why how we act is important. How we act can include showing consideration of other points of view and explaining the rational/intellectual and emotional benefits.

Is this "head vs. heart"? No, not really. It's more feelings and smart self-management of them, along with innovative ideas and beneficial action.

If we think of a battle of "good vs. evil," then the King of Cups and Seven of Wands definitely point to the battle, and the better or victorious outcome.

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