Tarot Musings -- October 3, 2022 -- The Tower and Two of Wands

Tarot Musings -- October 3, 2022 -- The Tower and Two of Wands

I decided to draw two cards to get a sense of today. This is not intended to be a reading for myself, but for the wider audience of people who see this post.

If things about this resonate with you, please pay attention. That is most likely not an accident.

The Tower indicates something significant changing. Now, the situation may have been developing for a while, but it's reaching a crisis point. Or, if not a "crisis point," a point when important change is happening soon. 

Often these changes are emotionally upsetting.

But, jumping out of a window or taking some other drastic action can be a way of saving yourself.

Sometimes you need to stop living with something the way you have, and you must put your foot down. You may need to leave or make an important announcement. Or make a decision you’ve been putting off.

It doesn't mean "the end of the world." But it likely means something important won't remain the same.

The Two of Wands has a completely different tone. From a place of relative safety, consider the possibilities. Hold onto that wand for security -- you don't want to fall off the top of the castle. But, hold that globe in your hands so you can see what is going on, and what could happen. The world is a big place. Maybe your world needs to enlarge — you need to think bigger. You may be capable of more than you had thought.

So then, what are these two cards saying to each other?

The Tower: "Calamity and crisis are due or overdue."

Two of Wands: "But I don't want to destroy it all, burn it all down. I want to go someplace different."

The Tower: "Do you have an escape route, or a Plan B?"

Two of Wands: "I've been putting that Plan B together for a while. But I haven't wanted to use it."

The Tower: "Now may well be the time to make the leap -- not off the ledge, or the top of the castle -- but make that leap of faith."

Two of Wands: "If I don't, then the situation or someone else may make a decision for me. And that could be bad, if not catastrophic."

The Tower: "Then you know what you need to do. Have some courage."


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