Tarot Musings -- October 5, 2022 -- Four of Cups and Six of Swords

Tarot Musings -- October 5, 2022 -- Four of Cups and Six of Swords   

Weariness. So much weariness. You may be weary of the Covid pandemic, inflation caused by globally suppressed demand in 2020-2021 and insufficient supply continuing into 2022, weary of a lack of trust in people you once had great faith and confidence in. 

It can be difficult to "look on the bright side" -- there you may sit, looking at three upright cups, a sign of sufficiency, if not abundance.

And yet, you may cross your arms, stubbornly uninterested in the fourth cup. The young man depicted in the Four of Cups is not taking action -- he's sitting there, arms crossed, feeling weary.

But in the second card drawn in this pair we have some activity: a woman and child are being taken to another place. There is rough water on the right and calmer water on the left of their boat, and the swords form a protective fence.

Unlike the young man, she is going somewhere, perhaps leaving the place of pain. It's possible she is being taken against her will by the oarsman, but that is not the more likely scenario.

One hopes she has sought help getting away from the pain, the source of unhappiness.

And that is certainly a positive indication. Suffering without doing something to relieve the pain is not helpful to anyone.

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