Tarot Musings -- October 9, 2022 -- Strength and Temperance

Tarot Musings -- October 9, 2022 -- Strength and Temperance

In times of strife, these two cards confer some inspiration and hope. With Strength we have the “you can do it!” kind of plucky confidence-building, while Temperance inspires calm and rational actions.

These two ideas, the belief in one’s ability to withstand adversity and trying circumstances, combined with reason, fit very well.

Although Strength can point to harsh actions that overpower adversaries, Temperance reminds us to control our desire to crush opponents and behave a little more gently. After all, strength can get you through a difficult time, or it can be used to crush enemies.

Perhaps the core message of these two cards together is: Don’t use all your energy in one conflict situation.

Instead, use the right amount of strength to accomplish your goal and win the day — but be sure to reserve some fuel for future battles. Temperance — the “not-too-cold, not-too-hot, but just right” — approach will allow you to accomplish both objectives.

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