Tarot Musings — Tarot and People You Work With Part 1 — March 2, 2022

When we think about our work lives, we often think of how much money we earn, what we do on a daily basis, and how we will be evaluated, maybe during our next annual performance review.

There is another thing to think about, and that is the people we work with. Think about the fact that you do your work with people -- who are your customers (internal or external). And you are a customer to other people (internal or external).

If we focus on customers and vendors, and think of our work lives in that way, do you have the best customers? You probably have a mix -- some are great, and you love working with them. Those are your "A" customers. Others, are probably "OK," but they sometimes can make your life difficult. Those are your "B" customers. And then there are those customers who make your life more difficult, and who don't provide as much benefit or reward to you. Those are your "C" customers.

How many customers do you have in each group? Are the majority of your customers "A"s or "B"s? Think about what you might want to change in terms of the customer list you have.

If you have customers you don't really love working for, what might you do to change that situation?

I'll make the connection to the Tarot in the next post.

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