Tarot Musings — Tarot and People You Work With Part 2 — March 10, 2022

Tarot Musings — Tarot and People You Work With Part 2 — March 10, 2022

Last time I wrote about the need to think about your customers -- whether internal or external -- and to consider how many of your clients are your best or "A" customers, your good, or "B" clients, and the clients with whom you have a less mutually rewarding relationship, or "C" customers.

When certain cards come up in spreads focused on work and the people we work with -- specifically customers or clients -- there are some interpretations that seem to apply frequently.

For instance, the King of Pentacles can signify a truly wonderful "A" type of customer, where the relationship is very professional and highly productive. It is also a relationship that often generates a lot of value and reward, for both parties.

However, consider the Six of Swords. This can mean transformation or change is due in the customer/provider relationship. It could mean finding a new way forward, and can indicate a "B" customer relationship with the potential to become an "A" if/when some things change. More to the point, when the customer or the vendor/provider, or both, approach the activities differently and make the relationship more beneficial.

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